Property Inspection 
21 Step Walk-Around Report
  1. GENERAL LIGHTING - Are the building's common areas – lobby, street entrance, garage or parking area – well lit? (We may need to come back after dark.)
  2. STAIRWAYS & ELEVATORS - How close is the rental to either? Are they well lit and secure?
  3. LOCKS - Do they work? Any sign of tampering, like scratches or dents? The locks may need to be changed.
  4. CEILINGS & WALLS - Is there peeling paint? Signs of water damage or mold? Cracked plaster? Are they clean?
  5. CABINETS - Do kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors and drawers open easily? (We will check for signs of vermin or bugs). 
  6. APPLIANCES - Is the refrigerator running and odor-free? Is the freezer defrosted? What is the condition of the stove, dishwasher & microwave? 
  7. ELECTRICAL OUTLETS - Are they working? Are any hot to the touch or buzzing? Any char marks? We will check for similar issues in the circuit breaker box.
  8. SINKS, TUB & SHOWER - Is caulking tight and mildew-free? Do the faucets leak or drip? Does water drain quickly? Does the garbage disposal work?
  9. TOILETS  - Do they flush completely and refill adequately? (Bonus points if it's clean!)
  10. LAUNDRY -  Is there a washer/dryer or a common laundry? If the laundry is communal, check proximity, hours of operation and security. 
  11. AMENITIES -  Is there a gym near by; shopping; convenience store; city transportation? How close are they to the unit? What are the hours of access?
  12. DETECTORS - Are smoke and carbon dioxide detectors in place inside every bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home? 
  13. FURNACES -  Do the thermostat, heater, fans and/or AC work? Ask when things were serviced, and look for gaps around wall-mounted units.
  14. WINDOWS - Are the windows openable? Make sure none are painted shut or have cracked glass. Are there screens? Do any need safety bars?
  15. LIGHTING -INSIDE & OUTSIDE -  Is there overhead lighting? Flip the switches – flickering lights could indicate a wiring problem.
  16. WATER - How's the temperature and clarity? If possible, turn on the shower and flush the toilet at the same time to check water pressure.
  17. COUNTERTOPS - Are there stains or cracks? If it's tile, we will check for missing grout and chips.
  18. FLOORS - Is the carpet frayed or dirty? Is the hardwood scratched or water stained? Is the tile chipped, cracked or uneven?
  19. CLOSETS -  Is there enough storage for clothes and shoes? Are there entry or utility closets? Does the building have space for bikes and gear?
  20. DOORS -  Do all the doors open and shut easily?  
  21. ENTRANCES -  If a condo or multi family unit, are any common entries locked? What access controls are in place: doorbell, buzzer, security camera, call phone?

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