Advantages Of Buying An Acreage

There are many reasons why people are tempted to give up life in a big city or town and move to a large country property, including:

  1. Space. Life in Alberta Towns & Cities is increasingly crowded and block sizes are shrinking, so moving to an acreage gives you plenty of room to move. Not only does this give you plenty of room to raise a family, but it also means you’re not living on top of your neighbours.
  2. Relaxed lifestyle. The crowded nature of towns and cities brings with it a hectic pace and plenty of stress. Life in the country is much more sedate and relaxed, allowing you to enjoy each day at your own pace. The key words to remember here are peace and quiet.
  3. Opportunities for activity. From playing with animals to riding dirt bikes, fishing and just about anything else you can imagine, living on a big block of land gives you plenty of options for outdoor activity. This often means a particularly rewarding lifestyle for children.
  4. Fresh air. If you’re sick of the smell of car exhaust and the pollution of the city, moving to the clean, fresh air of the country could work wonders.
  5. Get in touch with nature. Whether you want a big, rambling garden or the natural surrounds bush, moving to an acreage lets you leave the urban jungle behind and indulge your passion for nature. The beauty of the night sky away from the lights of the big city also has to be seen to be believed.
  6. Animal attraction. Want to own dogs, cats, horses, chickens or a veritable Noah’s ark of animals? An acreage gives you the space you need to do just that. You can also get up close and personal with native wildlife.
  7. Prices are lower. The further away you are from a city or major town, the more reasonable you can expect property prices to be. This means you get a lot more bang for your buck when you buy acreage.
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